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Bowl-Game Recipes: My Mom's Chili

One Great Season

BROOKLYN -- Same chili, different day.

Tens of thousands of you enjoyed the chili video I posted back in September. Hopefully some of you were able to impress your friends at the tailgate party.

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But if you're staying in on New Year's Day, getting ready to watch your Buckeyes or Tigers or Bearcats or whomever, and you don't know what to serve your guests? Just work up a batch of this sure-to-please chili and make sure there's toilet paper-aplenty and a full can of Glade in the upstairs bathroom. A new jar of Tums isn't a bad idea either. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Reader Comments (2)


happy New Year my man and great recipe. I will try that. Headin to the 'Big Easy' tomorrow to root the cats on to victory over the traveless gators. I hear, not confirmed, that Florida did not sell out their allotment of tickets and UC did in 2.5 hrs, that is shocking. that may be a good article for OGS, which away teams traveled the best and who has the most hostile home crowds...just a thought but i would be curious to know that. Anyways i will have my camera and try to snap a few photos for the "the hot girls of college footbal" collection. Take care and goooooooo UC!

December 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCreighton

Dude, anything you want to send my way, I'm all for it. Pictures, text messages, whatever. And tell other UC people the same thing. Wish I could join you down there. Have a blast yo!

December 30, 2009 | Registered CommenterJohn P. Wise

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