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Randy Moss: Who Said What On Twitter?

Picture Of Randy Moss

One Great Season

I imagine Randy Moss has overcome the guilt he must have felt after blowing off an interview with OGS last month, but if not, perhaps a trade back to the Minnesota Vikings, for whom he dominated during his first seven NFL seasons, should make him feel better.

Either way, here's what folks were saying on Twitter Wednesday morning about Moss' big trade from New England:

+ @NFLRandR: "guess who visits New England on Halloween? That's right, Randy Moss as Viking! Trick or Treat, Bill Belichick!"

+ @sportsguy33: "So long to the Freak, the best WR we ever had. Top-5 greatest Pats, my lifetime: Brady, Hannah, Tippett, Coates, Moss. Last: Marion Butts."

+ @wingoz: "No question Moss is still a game breaker. But in 4 games..9 catches. Leads league w 5 drops. And Pats still highest scoring offense in NFL."

+ @BobGlauber: "Does Moss trade means Pats are giving up on Super Bowl? Hardly. Won 3 with essentially no-name WRs."

+ @MikeAmmo: "I don't think the Pats are going to miss a loafing Moss much. Why? Two words: Angry Belichick"

+ @AngryFistofGod: "Why trade Moss to the Vikings? Like that shithead gimp Favre needed another weapon."

+ @SI_JimTrotter: "1 last thg b4 I run: trade hurts the pats more than it helps t/ vikes. Minny's ol stinks, favre can't move, harvin migraines. Truly grasping."

+ @wingoz: "For those wondering about pats long term play here? in 2011 they now have 2 picks in 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th round in draft. #bigpicture"

+ @FootballDetails: "Becoming obsessed with the idea of Randy Moss catching Brett Favre's 500th TD pass. It has to happen. Timing is perfect. Favre is at 499."

+ @richeisen: "Unreal that Randy Moss' next game is likely against the Jets with Favre throwing to him. You just never know with this league. Never."

+ @Adam_Schefter: "Wow: Pats will have double picks in rounds 1, 2, 3, 4 of 2011 draft. Their picks plus Oakland's 1, Carolina's 2, Minnesota's 3, Denver's 4."

+ @RossTuckerNFL: "Seems like the only question at this point is whether or not Brad Childress will pick Randy Moss up at the airport."

+ @SI_PeterKing: "Bud Selig 'I Love the NFL' Note of the Day: McNabb traded on MLB's opening night. Moss traded to Minn on day of Twins' home playoff opener."

+ @coronaphil: "@richeisen That collective moan you just heard was all sports media jerking off to Moss visiting NE on Halloween."

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