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Lebron James: Who Said What On Twitter?

Picture Of Lebron James

One Great Season

Lebron James returned to Cleveland to play his former team for the first time since he left the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat Thursday night. As you might imagine, there were a few comments on Twitter here and there as James led the visitors to the blowout victory. Below are some of the better ones I saw:

@daveabarr: "Sorry - lifelong Cavs fan from Bingo Smith to World B. Free, Mark Price and Brad Daugherty to LeBron and now to...JJ Hixson? This is tough"

@HS_BHGP: "Are Mo Williams and Justin Guarini really Cleveland's two best players now? No wonder they're pissed."

@spearsnbayahoo: "So Gilbert said he was going to get the Cavs a title before LeBron and he responds with Sessions and Hollins?"

@THE_DANNY_FAIRY: "The #Heat lead the league in receding hairlines."

@judasdac: "Like an NCAA tournament game. Like Princeton versus North Carolina," says Steve Kerr. Very current and relevant reference, chucklehead

@espnchijon: "Love the kids in yarmulkes that have had tix behind Cavs bench for years. Their abba is a mensch."

@OnionSports: "BREAKING: LeBron James Receives Police Escort To Hoop"

@KBerg_CBS: "LeBron hangs around in front of Cavs bench -- where Gilbert is sitting -- every chance he gets (SMH what a jerkoff)"

@DynastySign: "Someone is getting fired by Dan Gilbert. Could be a ball boy, but someone is."

@aglock: "Cleveland, good lord. At least hammer someone at this point. #embarrassing"

@BlkSportsOnline: "Is Boobie Gibson still with Keyshia Cole? Running out of things to tweet about"

@richarddeitsch: "Even Antonio Margarito is begging the NBA refs to call this game."

@ArashMarkazi: "Those who keep telling Cleveland fans to 'move on' don't know much about Cleveland. It's like telling Red Sox fans to 'move on' pre-2004."

@clubtrillion: "Observation: Seems like there are more people pleading for Cleveland to 'get over it' than there are Clevelanders who are not yet 'over it.'"

@simmonsclass: "Tough night for Cavs fans: they get blown out on national TV by Lebron AND they still have to live in Cleveland"

@TonyGrossi: "absolutely horrible effort by the Cavs. Who'd thought the angry fans would show more class than the players?"

@DanWetzel: "This wouldve gone a lot better for Cleveland if they got the Celtics to play the role of the Cavs."

@TheoRabinowitz: "It's called a 'Cleveland Steamer' for a reason, folks; and right now LeBron is planting one right on Dan Gilbert."

@WaltNew: "Man, when Chris Bosh returns to Toronto to play the Raptors! It's going to be soooooooooo.... #NobodyCares"

@offseasonblog: "I wonder if Chris Bosh thinks the Scottie Pippen chants are for him?"

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