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The 5 Most Replayed Sports Highlights Of All Time

One Great Season

Picture Of Carlton Fisk

There are plenty of great sports highlights we've seen dozens of times, and they never seem to get old.

Below is a short list of the Five Most Replayed Sports Highlights Of All Time (click on the bold text to watch the video for each):

  • 5. Carlton Fisk's Home Run — When you see highlights of the 1975 World Series, you rarely see a clip of something the Cincinnati Reds and their Big Red Machine did, even though they won baseball's top prize that year. Instead, you see Fisk's walk-off home run that clanged off the left-field foul pole in the bottom of the 12th inning, sending the Series to a Game 7. The home run itself certainly wasn't the most dramatic of all time, but the lasting images of Fisk jumping out of the batter's box, bouncing and trying to wave the ball fair make that moment all the more memorable.

  • 4. Flutie's Hail Mary — Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie saves the day for the Eagles with a last-second Hail Mary pass to Gerard Phelan, whose improbable catch in the end zone gave the visitors a stunning 47-45 win at defending national champion Miami.

  • Picture Of The Cal-Stanford Game

  • 3. The Band Is Out On The Field — Cal's bizarre kickoff return on the game-winning final play of the Bears' 1982 win over Pac-10 and Bay-Area rival Stanford always will be great video. A bowl eligible Cal team had no post-season invitation, but Stanford was playing to become bowl eligible, and with John Elway at the helm, the Cardinal surely would have earned an invite had they won. But the Bears, with only 10 men on the field, had other plans.

  • 2. Christian Laettner — The call on the broadcast wasn't necessarily memorable, but just referring to this one as "Christian Laettner" is still a clear enough reference to college basketball's most replayed highlight (Sorry, Jimmy V!). Laettner's single-bounce, turnaround, fadeaway, foul-line jumper gave the Blue Devils a thrilling 104-103 victory over Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA Tournament East Regional Final. The event is widely regarded as the best college basketball game ever played.

  • Picture of the Miracle On Ice

  • 1. Miracle On Ice — Al Michaels' legendary call during the ABC broadcast was a great moment in sports, in broadcasting and in American patriotism. As the U.S. team skated away the final seconds of their 1980 Olympics semifinal-round victory over the Soviet Union on a melting sheet of ice, Micheals asked, "Do you believe in miracles?" It's the greatest moment in American sports history.

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