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Urban Meyer: Who Said What On Twitter?

Picture of Urban Meyer

One Great Season

Urban Meyer has set a great example as a championship coach. I hope he can stick to his decision to step down and set another great example as a family man who's OK with leaving the limelight. We've seen far too many people in sports hang on a few too many years, their best days long behind them. But here we have a chance to watch an ultra-competitive guy, a proven winner at an elite level, still in the thick of his prime, do the same away from college football.

Anyway, those are my two cents. Here's what others were saying on Twitter Wednesday afternoon about Meyer's decision to walk away from the University of Florida:

@MacGregorESPN: "BREAKING: Urban Meyer stepping down in order to spend more time with Tim Tebow's family."

@kgordonosu: "So 46-yr-old Meyer will succumb to coaching lifestyle/pressure after Outback; 84-yr-old JoePa, will be back."

@MBarlow: "Urban Meyer out again @ Florida...word is a sex scandal with a former student... name of student: Tim Tebow"

@DanWetzel: "Dream scenario for Ohio State is Ashtabula native Urban Meyer resting for year or three then replacing retiring Tressel."

@bourbonmeyer: "Meyer leaving makes firing EVERY assistant (especially Addazio) much easier."

@travisreier: "I think Steve Adazzio is the right man to replace Coach Meyer. Signed, Mark Richt."

@GeorgeSchroeder: "On plane. Landed to tweets that Urban Meyer resigned. I landed in 2009."

@darrenrovell: "What would it take for a coach interviewing for both the Miami & Florida jobs to pick Miami? I'd say a contract worth 40% more."

@MrCFB: "In the air between NYC and ATL. Urban steps down again! My money is on Dan Mullen. Gators haven't been the same since he left."

@harbabd: "John Brantley on the other hand just boarded a plane to Fayetteville to beg Petrino to save his NFL future."

@AndyHutchins: "Is Urban Meyer the greatest coach of the BCS era?"

@ClayTravisBGID: "I'd be shocked if Dan Mullen isn't in Gainesville by the end of this week. Should be fun to see what happens."

@PeterBurnsRadio: "If Mike Leach went to #Florida, the NCAA would have to make Passing TD's worth 4pts.

@greggdoyelcbs: "Florida plays Penn State in the Outback Bowl. One of the coaches is retiring. The other is Joe Paterno"

@KegsnEggs: "How, and I mean HOW, is Jon Gruden going to coach Miami AND the Gators at the same time?"

@BryanDFischer: "The sharks are already circling for Florida commits/recruits. Bad timing for UF with most coaches already on the road."

@Mengus22: "MIKE LEACH IN GAINESVILLE #makeithappen"

@BFeldmanESPN: "With Urban Meyer resigning at UF, I'd think Dan Mullen's contract talks with Miss State just got a bit more interesting."

@BianchiWrites: "Press conference at 6 that Urban Meyer has resigned. Press conference tomorrow that he is coming back?"

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