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Chad Ochocinco Is A Child, Please

One Great Season

Because Chad Ochocinco is an attention-starved 12-year-old girl, he went ahead and sent this out on Twitter after being fined by the NFL Tuesday for using Twitter during a recent NFL preseason game:

"I've been fined by the league a substantial amount of money for tweeting, 1st time twitter hasn't made me money but cost me money."

When @OGochocinco realized that a few minutes had passed and perhaps the spotlight had started to drift in another direction, he then dropped this weak attempt to be clever:

"Dear NFL I apologize for tweeting during the game but that was 2 monthsof my Bugatti payments you just took from me,I won't do it again."

When I wrote that Ochocinco is the most insecure athlete of all time, I was accused of being just another jealous hater, even a racist. What many in the younger generation that prefers more entertainment and less football from their football seem to be missing is that I have a splendid sense of humor. Ask anybody who I don't currently owe money to, and they'll assure you that I'm a great judge of what is entertaining and what is not entertaining. Long has my golden rule been: If you can be funny without trying, then it's even funnier. Does anyone realize that despite Muhammad Ali's status as one of the most recognized global icons, sporting or otherwise, in modern history, even his loud-mouthed shtick grew quite tiresome?

Anyway, after I figured I'd weigh in on Douche-o Cinco, I came across this on MSN's home page, and thought the ADHD headline beside his picture had something to do with him.

Picture of Chad Ochocinco

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Reader Comments (2)

I remember him sending out a tweet during halftime of their last game and thinking the NFL had a rule against that, but I figured it must not apply to pre-season games. I guess it does.

August 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMike

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