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Braylon Edwards: Who's Saying What On Twitter?

Picture of Braylon Edwards

One Great Season

Not surprisingly, the Braylon Edwards DUI story is all over Twitter Tuesday morning. Here's what some people are saying:

+ @EricStangel: "Braylon Edwards arrested for DWI. His blood-alcohol was .16, then they added on another .15 for taunting. Not good."

+ @TimGrahamESPN: "Police decided to give Braylon Edwards a breathalyzer when he got out of his car and two cans of Pabst fell out of his beard."

+ @si_vault: "SI Vault Photo (2008): Ben Roethlisberger and Braylon Edwards attend a party. Hide your daughter and your car keys -"

+ @Deadspin: "Wealthy Jets Receiver Braylon Edwards Gets Pinched For DWI In City With Most Cabs Ever"

+ @lilduval: "So Braylon Edwards got caught driving drunk but no cocaine? Step Yo habits up."

+ @tonykellogg: "'Braylon got a DWI huh? It could be worse, ya know.' - Donte Stallworth."

+ @iamwondermike: "1) Braylon Edwards grows sweet beard 2) Braylon gets busted for DWI ----- coincidence?"

+ @GreenLanternJet: "Suspend Braylon now. Get it over with. Move on. Have faith in guys you got. Bottom line."

+ @SI_PeterKing: "There's a reason why the Jets would risk a long-term deal with Santonio Holmes long before Braylon--and this stupidity is part of it."

+ @The_Real_Espo: "Braylon Edwards assumed that when the breathalyzer hit his hands, like a football, his blood alcohol level would drop."

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