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College Football Novels: Who Said What On Twitter?

One Great Season

A pretty neat thread had some college football writers and fans dropping the funny on Twitter Wednesday night.

Folks were using the names of real novels to headline popular — and better yet, some obscure — college football storylines. Below are some of the better ones I found between 11 p.m. and midnight, before I had to turn my attention to Joaquin Phoenix's visit with David Letterman. Remember, you can always follow OGS on Twitter @onegreatseason.

+ @racheldulitz: "Animal Farm:The Michael Vick Story"

+ @BrendanLoy: "Dantonio's Inferno"

+ @BryanDFischer: "The Count of Monte Kiffin"

+ @tbevilacqua1034: "Who's Afraid of Virginia Tech?"

+ @mattzemek_cfn: "The Talented Mr. Shipley"

+ @mudd4goals: "Cold Mountaineers

+ @CardsFan922: "The Five Gators You Meet In Prison"

+ @TimFerraris: "A Tale of Two Titties, by Mike Price"

+ @ikestoys: "Les Milesrable"

+ @freelancehack: "To Have and To Holtz"

+ @wesrucker: "Crime and No Punishment - the story of Urban's Gators"

+ @AGreever_Editor: "Of Mice and Mascots"

+ @ScottDochterman: "Fast Food Nation by Mark Mangino"

+ @ChrisDCTex: "Stanford Band of Brothers"

+ @DCTrojan: "Tide and Prejudice"

+ @brettjones1: "The Client by Reggie Bush"

+ @@herloyalsons: "Are You There God? It's Me, Notre Dame"

+ @DanWolken: "Men are from Mars, Mike Leach is from Venus"

+ @wesrucker: "Julio Jones' Diary"

+ @protonone: "Me Talk Pretty One Day by Lou Holtz"

+ @camdoug1: "Of Mice and Mendenhall"

+ @David_Harten: "I Know Why the Caged Clarett Sings"

+ @tom_hart: "Archie Griffin Always Rings Twice"

+ @onegreatseason: "As I Lay Filming, By Brandon Spikes"

And from the Ring trilogy:

+ @brando_minich: "The Two Tigers", "The Return of the Tide" and "The Fellowship of the SEC"

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