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College Football Movies: Who Said What On Twitter?

One Great Season

Inspired by the #cfbnovels thread that blew up on Twitter Wednesday night, I tried to get a little #cfbmovies going on Thursday and, thanks in large part to @MattZemek_CFN, hundreds of gags were flying around the Twitterverse starting at about 10 p.m., also known as the third hour of that painfully boring tilt between Miami and Pittsburgh.

Movies are easier and more fun than books, cuz, you know, all that readin' and stuff. This is college football, and those SEC players aren't exactly being investigated for spending too much time in the library.

So here were some of @MattZemek_CFN's better offerings:

+ "The Andrew Luck Club"
+ "Fusina Royale"
+ "And the Stanford Band Played On"
+ "Ralphie"
+ "The Witches of East Lansing (They're Called Clock Operators)"
+ "Buckeyes Wide Shut"
+ "Being Todd Marinovich"
+ "Cool Hand Leak"

And notes from mere mortals:

+ @BLeez17: "The Hot Tuberville Time Machine"

+ @MikeCastro23: "The Last Stanzi"

+ @KilroyFSU: "The Book of Eli Manning"

+ @Mengus22: "Bravehartline"

+ @D1scourse: "Quantam of Solich"

+ @BryanDFischer: "What's eating Garrett Gilbert?"

+ @scottenyeart: "Jayhawk Down"

+ @NoMoralVctories: "Who Framed Marvin Austin?"

+ @AndyResnik: "The Last Temptation of Crist"

+ @Dascenzo: "Kenyon Rambo"

+ @tbailey: "Dial Tha U for Murder"

+ @aimclemson: "The Hangover, starring Mike Price"

+ @johnmaddox: "Waking Noel Devine"

+ @AndrewSalser: "The Good, The Bad & The Hat"

+ @BaltimoreLuke: "The Big Sleep: Post-1993 Notre Dame Football"

+ @BryanDFischer: "Angels & Demon Deacons"

+ @MikeCornejo: "Precious, starring Ralph Friedgen"

+ @AndrewSalser: "Big Cody's House"

+ @KegsnEggs: "A 'Time to Die'"

+ @edmorgans: "Hokie and the Bandit"

+ @gibsoma: "Jacquizz Show"

+ @Adam_1224: "Schiano's List

+ @AndrewSalser: "A Nightmare on Herbstreit"

+ @mudd4goals: "Florida Gators Breaking and Entering 2, Electric Boogaloo"

+ @gibsoma: "Pretty In Pinkel"

+ @raphiellej: "Half Waked"

+ @Mengus22: "Dude, Where's Lloyd Carr?"

+ @BryanDFischer: "Get Richt or Die Tryin'"

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