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Survey: What Do You Want To See In 2011?

What Would You Like To See In Sports In 2011?

One Great Season

Now that college football's champion has been crowned, we're a couple weeks away from the NFL coronation and college basketball is more than halfway through its regular season, we're officially well into the new year, at least according to the sports calendar.

The friends of OGS are here now to share with you what they hope to see in 2011:

Len Berman, Sports Broadcasting Legend —More vuvuzelas.

Jacqueline Conrad, St. Louis Cardinals Blogger — I would love to see Major League Baseball institute an instant replay program similar to what is used in the Little League World Series. It's simple, quick and effective. If that doesn't happen, then how about the MLB renaming all divisions after middle-school YMCA leagues? The Big Ten had so much success, it should cause a groundswell. Gooo Legends!

YOUR THOUGHTS: What Would You Like To See In 2011?

Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati Enquirer Columnist — Eliminate instant replay in all sports.

Mark Ennis, College Football Blogger — I most definitely would like to see not so much a playoff, as the BCS crumble. I think it's such a terrible system that pits so many good people against one another and against common sense, that it has to go. 

John Fay, Cincinnati Reds Beat Writer — I'd like to see a college football playoff. Schools like TCU should have a shot at a national championship.

Michael Felder, College Football Blogger (and former North Carolina football player) — My wish is simple, for the University of North Carolina to retain Butch Davis. We went through a lot in 2010 and I think if we change leadership, we'll be taking a massive step backwards. Keep Butch on and let's push through this tough period toward success. 

Jeff Garcia, San Antonio Spurs Blogger — The Miami Heat getting bounced out of the playoffs. All the hype surrounding LeBron James and Chris Bosh joining Dwyane Wade, the preseason NBA experts convinced Miami will steam-roll the Eastern Conference, coming to a crashing end and Miami's season cut short. 

Lisa Horne, College Football Writer — Give me a plus-1 game so we can at least give the top four teams a chance to compete for the title and at the same time, continue the bowl experience for NCAA FBS football players. I'm not wild about playoffs because teams fly in and fly out within 24 hours and miss the whole bowl experience. For example, if a team is playing in the Rose Bowl Game, the players have the Beef Bowl at Lawry's Prime Rib and also go to Disneyland. If we had a playoffs, the players would miss out on those great traditions.

Andy Hutchins, College Football Blogger — I want to see a more stringent and better-supported concussion policy instituted across all levels of football. If we don't see this in the near future, we won't see football in the far future.

Raphielle Johnson, College Basketball Writer — What I want to see in 2011 is for someone to burn the NCAA rule book in public. Cam Newton is declared ineligible on a Monday and is cleared two days later, while incoming freshmen can't get a decision from the Clearinghouse until well after the season begins? The book is essentially hundreds of pages about nothing thanks to archaic rules, and if the governing body doesn't have enough respect to exercise due diligence for EVERY student-athlete then why should it be taken seriously? I say burn it and start over.

Adam Kramer, College Football Blogger — A college football playoff is at the top of my list, but clamoring for such a thing is simply too obvious at this point. No, instead I'd love to see Bobby Petrino somehow end up with the Dallas Cowboys. Sure his new contract extension has a billion-dollar buyout, but how much fun would it be to see the Arkansas crew, (Petrino and Jones) go crazy in the NFL? To sweeten the pot, I'd REALLY love to see the Cowboys draft Ryan Mallett as well. Too much to ask for?

Whitney Mathews, Social Media Rock Star — I'd like to see the Royals make progress toward moving out of Suckistan. Kansas City is hosting the All-Star hoopla in 2012 and it would be nice to be proud of the Royals for the second time in my life (other than the time they won the World Series when I was 16 months old) when that happens. I'd also like to see the MLS get more attention. They have two new franchises and four more games starting in 2011. I think soccer is an afterthought because the majority of current sports journalists don't understand it. Hopefully that starts changing.

Kyle McRae, Associate Media Relations Director, Cal-Berkeley — What I would like to see is see neither the NFL nor the NBA have a work stoppage.

Ramzy Nasrallah, Ohio State Football Writer —Normally my one thing would involve the destruction of the BCS or Dick Vitale's voicebox, but in 2011 the one thing we all need to materialize is an NFL season uninterrupted by any work stoppage.

Tim Ryan, Sports Blogger — In this blessed new year I would like to see the Memphis Grizzlies see a crowd pleasing return to glory, for the Hartford Whalers to exist again, and for Wesley from Mr. Belvedere to finally release that ruthless Sam McKinney diss track.

Barrett Sallee, SEC Football Writer — If the age of the 16-team college football superconference is inevitable, let's go ahead and get it over with and do it.  None of this flirting with other conferences only to retreat to your cozy, dumbed-down home (looking at you, Texas). It's inevitable, so let's just get there and move on.

Jimmy Traina, Sports Illustrated's "Extra Mustard" Editor — The one thing I'd like to see happen in 2011 is actually what I don't want to see happen: an NFL lockout.

Matt Zemek, College Football Writer — As a college football writer, I want to see the NCAA completely reformed, which will only happen if it is somehow shamed or exposed in just the right way by the right forces at the right time. As a fan, I want Roger Federer to play Rafael Nadal in the US Open final — not the semifinals, but the final. The sport of tennis was one ... point ... away ... from such an event last year. It would have been grand.

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Reader Comments (5)

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in the final two-some on Sunday at The Masters.

January 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJeff

More NHL games on major networks.

January 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMike Loomis

Those are both good takes. Jeff, I like where your head's at. Loomis, I wish more Americans were into hockey, because if they were, you know the NHL would be televised.

January 18, 2011 | Registered CommenterJohn P. Wise

The Cubs finally win The World Series!

January 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHerb

Herb, I wish you well, sir!

January 18, 2011 | Registered CommenterJohn P. Wise

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