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Rich Rodriguez: Who Said What On Twitter?

Picture Of Rich Rodriguez

One Great Season

Rich Rodriguez was fired as Michigan's head football coach on Tuesday. Not surprisingly, Twitter almost exploded with RichRod jokes and other gags, and they weren't all from Ohio State fans. Or Michigan State fans. Or West Virginia fans.

Take a look:

+ @Craig10TV: "On the 2,600th day since Michigan last beat Ohio State in football, Rich Rodriguez is out."

+ @BryanDFischer: "If Dave Brandon fired RichRod using the 'It's not you, it's me' line, isn't that appropriate in this case? RRod is a good coach."

More Twitter Recaps

+ @ourhonordefend: "I'm guessing the only reason there's no official word from RichRod is that he's too busy furiously shredding documents."

+ @PittScript: "Got to break the RRod news to a UM coworker... this must be what its like to deliver babies; his sheer joy was unmatched."

+ @amandarykoff: "Yeah so fine Rich Rod was fired. WHAT ABOUT GREG ROBINSON?"

+ @JonThoma: "The only #buckeye loss today will be the firing of Rich Rodriguez. You will be missed."

+ @TonyGerdeman: "With Rich Rod's firing, teams like Bowling Green, Central Florida, Rice and Tulsa may now start pillaging Michigan's recruiting class."

+ @pudge44: "If RichRod is really gone ... he and UM were like 2 drunks that found each other at last call and thought they were in love."

+ @BuckeyeBanter: "Good news for UM is that the former Miami (Ohio) coach is looking for a job. At least he can beat someone. #reallybadjoke"

+ @darrenrovell: "Michigan paid Rich Rod $8,977 a day."

+ @SPORTSbyBROOKS: "Wow it's been a tough four days for Michigan State fans."

+ @bcuban: "Rich Rodriguez learned that its only ok to be a douchebag when you win ..."

+ @ourhonordefend: "Herbie said Brandon wouldn't fire RichRod w/o a plan. Brandon, former Dominos CEO, whose exit prompted Dominos to apologize for being crappy."

+ @herloyalsons: "Clever ruse, tOSU. Beat RichRod every year so that we'll talk more of his firing than of your ineligible players playing 2night."

+ @Mengus22: "It would be cool if Gus Johnson was calling the RichRod/Brandon meeting."

+ @LostLettermen: "David Brandon: 'Thanks Rich. Be sure to clean out your office and for God's sake take your Josh Groban CDs with you.'"

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