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90 Seconds: Friday, April 29, 2011

90 Seconds Tile

One Great Season

+ The NFL Draft is a lot like Groundhog Day. Chris Berman comes out of hiding, annoys us briefly, then reminds us there are still four months left of the offseason.

+ Reggie Bush is such a little girl. "It's been fun New Orleans" slipped from his Twitter feed Thursday night after the Saints drafted Mark Ingram. True as it may be that he's no longer in the team's future plans, that's such a weak move to drop a passive-aggressive note like that via social media when you're supposed to be a tough-guy macho pro football player. Of course someone asked him to PR it up an hour later, when came a more professional note: "Congrats to Mark Ingram on being selected to New Orleans. He will be a great addition to the Saints backfield just as he was in Alabama." Wuss.

+ And a sign that your team will be stuck in rebuilding mode for years is that Carolina has spent four of their last 11 draft picks on quarterbacks. The Panthers picked up Jimmy Clausen in the second round last year, Armanti Edwards in the third, Tony Pike in the sixth and Cam Newton with the No. 1 overall pick in last night's first round. OK, OK, Edwards was drafted as a wideout, but giving Clausen only a year to prove himself is silly, especially when Newton is hardly a can't-miss prospect. Was he a great college player? No doubt, and perhaps he compiled the best single season by an individual player in recent history. But he's hardly a guy you spend your first pick on, especially when you grabbed three quarterbacks in the previous draft.

+ Proof that the rich, old, white men in suits who own pro sports teams and operate pro sports leagues are lying when they talk about how important the fans are can be found all over Los Angeles. If you're not following MLB v Frank McCourt, you're missing some good theatre. If McCourt wants to do right by Dodgers fans, he needs to go away and let Bud Selig and Tom Schieffer take over. Read any story on, and especially the comments that follow, and you have a clear idea of what Dodgers fans want. Give it to 'em, Frank, and get the hell out of the way.

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