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7 Things We Don't Want To See In 2011

What Would You Like To See In Sports In 2011?

One Great Season

Typically around the turn of a new year, scribes like to share what they'd like to see in sports during the upcoming calendar.

Some do it seriously, others take a humorous approach. Today's lesson, kids, is a serious look at what we don't want to see in sports in 2011.

+ Chris Berman — I know this is a lot to ask for, especially right off the bat, but I don't think I know anyone who likes him. His yawny nicknames, John Facenda impressions, repetitive classic-rock references and tiresome sound effects are older than his ill-chosen coat-and-tie pairings. Berman, we get it; you're the face of the biggest sports network's biggest sport. But that doesn't mean every Super Bowl wrap show needs to end with "what a long, strange trip it's been." Evidence that your age is catching up to you is your out-of-breath diatribes that make you sound more like Martin Short's Jiminy Glick character than an enthusiastic NFL show host. You're 55. Do something else.

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Survey: What Do You Want To See In 2011?

What Would You Like To See In Sports In 2011?

One Great Season

Now that college football's champion has been crowned, we're a couple weeks away from the NFL coronation and college basketball is more than halfway through its regular season, we're officially well into the new year, at least according to the sports calendar.

The friends of OGS are here now to share with you what they hope to see in 2011:

Len Berman, Sports Broadcasting Legend —More vuvuzelas.

Jacqueline Conrad, St. Louis Cardinals Blogger — I would love to see Major League Baseball institute an instant replay program similar to what is used in the Little League World Series. It's simple, quick and effective. If that doesn't happen, then how about the MLB renaming all divisions after middle-school YMCA leagues? The Big Ten had so much success, it should cause a groundswell. Gooo Legends!

YOUR THOUGHTS: What Would You Like To See In 2011?

Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati Enquirer Columnist — Eliminate instant replay in all sports.

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