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Enough With The Comparisons; Let Rodgers Enjoy

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One Great Season

AOL's home page greeted me with the following headline Monday morning: "Rodgers Takes Image To Next Level."

It amazes me when news outlets — broadcast, online, whatever the venue — just make up the stories as they go along. If not the stories, then they at least invent the importance of what they think are necessary stories.

The irony is that some outlets are saying Rodgers is officially out from under the shadow of legendary former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre. I'm not quite sure how you measure that, but I don't think he'll actually be out of Favre's shadow until scribes stop pondering whether that is indeed the case. By endlessly breathing "Favre" and "Rodgers" into the same sentence, writers are answering the question before they even answer the question: Rodgers is hardly out from Favre's shadow.

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