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Adrian Taylor is Concerned About Mothers of O-Linemen

One Great Season

NORMAN, Okla. -- If there's one question mark about the Oklahoma Sooners this year, it's their offensive line. There's a lot of talent and experience they need to fill, and this year one key change is at center.

That's where Brody Eldridge, a former fullback who was such a good blocker that he earned All Big XII honors without registering a single carry in 2007, will be the new starter.

Slightly undersized at 265 pounds, he's spent much of the preseason bumping up against 291-pound Adrian Taylor, a key cog in what will no doubt be one of the nation's finest defensive fronts.

Taylor, referenced previously on OGS for what he expected to be a major throwdown in his father's Dallas kitchen this weekend, described some tricks he's got up his sleeve as he tries to prep Eldridge for his new role.


Adrian Taylor's Dad is "An Undercover Chef"

One Great Season

NORMAN, Okla. -- I like Adrian Taylor a lot. Oklahoma's junior defensive tackle was pretty fun to listen to when a few of the Sooners defensive players talked to the media on Tuesday.

And then on Wednesday, my last night in Norman, as I drove through campus one last time, I remembered I'd wanted to take a picture of the Barry Switzer Center right near the stadium.

After having parked illegally for about the eighth time in my 36 hours here, I hustled over to snap off a few quick frames. As I turned to head back to the car, I heard, "You the newspaper guy?"

I turned back and at 6-foot-4, 291 pounds, he was one of the larger people who'd started a conversation with me in many years.

We realized we'd met the previous day after practice, and I explained my project to him, telling him it was made possible in large part by me having lost a job over the summer.

After some friendly small talk, he took my card, assured me he'd check out the site and even said, "I hope you get back on your feet." Very nice kid.

Anyway, turns out his dad is somewhat skilled in the kitchen. Taylor is from Mansfield, Texas, not far from Dallas, where the Sooners will take on BYU on Saturday. If you're hungry and not far from their house, I'd suggest you stop by for some barbecue on Friday night.