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90 Seconds: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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One Great Season

+ In sports we hear so much about a player's or team's "body of work," and that's what I keep coming back to with Jenn Sterger. In Wednesday's second round of her "Good Morning America" interview, she was again smart and honest and composed. There really isn't anything that she's said that I thought was untrue. She says she's not trying to play the victim card and I believe her on that point as well. But if you consider the body of work, how she got noticed, how she got her attention that led to a Playboy spread and a New York television job, she may not be a gold-digger or home-wrecker, but she is an attention-whore who got what she wanted: a place in the spotlight with big, rich macho athletes. She's not to blame for anything having to do with Old Man Favre, but again, folks need to be careful what they wish for. Too, the self-proclaimed "entertainer" who says she's "not the right martyr for this cause" might want to dial down the self-importance. She's not a talented journalist or any kind of sports authority. She's merely a pretty girl with fake boobs and a walk-in closet full of tight shirts who's used those assets to get the few jobs she's had so far in broadcasting. She says she fears this scandal might keep folks from taking her seriously. I'd like to meet anyone who has.

+ Each of the last few years — including the last two that ended in championships for the Los Angeles Lakers — began with experts saying thing like, "If Andrew Bynum can stay healthy ... " And just when it looked like the young center was going to finish strong and finally head into the playoffs at 100 percent, dude hyperextended his knee in a game against San Antonio's backups and suddenly his and the Lakers' postseason forecast has some clouds in it. Bynum is scheduled for an MRI today, so let's hold off on planning the Lakers' funeral for now, but certanly keep the phone handy.

+ If we're to go by W-L records, the Cleveland Indians are one of the best teams in baseball this year, and the Red Sox are thee worst. Betcha didn't expect to hear that two weeks in. Quick, can you name the Indians' manager?