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OGS Notebook: Derby, Big Ben & Gretzky's House

One Great Season

A few topics made headlines in the sports world today. Here are some nuggets for you:

+ The Kentucky Derby should never be run at night. I understand the sport could use some new money, and an evening telecast certainly would address that issue, but the Derby is one of those events that should just stay where it is. Modernists love to rip the traditionalists who appreciate the pageantry of sport, but the tradionalists never get their way with anything. Just look at the NFL Draft, which was moved from Saturday at noon to Thursday and Friday evenings. I read today that it rated well and I'm sure the NFL pockets are deeper, but does it always have to be about the money? Is maximum profitability the only way to do it, or can just being profitable ever be enough?

+ Ben Roethlisberger said Monday he won't appeal the six-game suspension the NFL handed down last week. Smart move. The only way to climb out of the hole he's dug for himself is to do it slowly, and I think he will. He clearly had advisers write that statement for him today. No reason to think they'll abandon him going forward.

+ A buddy of mine called today to say he was in a restaurant recently and overheard a National League pitcher say, "Yeah, I met her at Gretzky's house. She was playing tennis and she was hot as hell." No link. Just funny.

+ I love how people are asking whether Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are losing their edge. Remember when the Cavs began the regular season 0-2 and ESPN was freaking out in November? Remember how the Cavs lost to the Bulls on Thursday and suddenly LeBron and company were being pushed to the limit? Remember how LBJ carried his Cavs to a Game 4 win in Chicago Sunday, putting his team one game away from advancing? Prior to both the Cavs-Bulls and Lakers-Thunder series, most folks said they wouldn't be surprised of the top seeds lost a game in the early round. I wish people would calm down, stick to their guns and quit changing their philosophies or abandoning rational thought just because of the outcome of one game. I realize the Lakers are tied 2-2, but the defending champions are still a very dangerous team in the Western Conference.

+ I'm embarrassed that I haven't watched much of the NHL Playoffs, especially considering I wrote this about the Stanley Cup back in December.


Big Ben Gives NFL Another Chance To Side With Fans

Ben Roethlisberger

Charade Continues For
Pro Sports Leagues

One Great Season

Frequently when an athlete gets in trouble and embarrasses his employer, he'll offer up a public apology to his team, his family and of course his fans.

I'm currently thinking about Ben Roethlisberger. Last week it was Tiger Woods and I forget who it was the week before. I'm anxious to see who it will be next week.

And then when the owner or some other high-ranking team official reacts in his tedious corporate language, he, too, always seems to cite the importance of upholding the team's traditions and standards "that our loyal  fans have come to expect" or some such thing.


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League commissioners, no matter what the sport, often cite how important the fans are, but is that just lip service?

I'm certain that it is.

If sports were truly for the fans the way the rich, old, white men in suits like to say they are, then:

+ Baseball would still play some of its postseason games in the afternoon and they sure as heck wouldn't end after midnight.

+ Pro football would still play its games on Sunday and one on Monday night. Unless there's a turkey in the oven, no Thursday or Saturday games.

+ College football would have an undisputed national champion every year.

+ College basketball would not consider expanding its perfect tournament.

+ NBA and NHL playoffs wouldn't last for two months. How about a best-of-three in the first round and a best-of-five in the second before a best-of-seven in conference finals matchups? And in the NBA, how about no four-day layoffs between opening-round games?

+ Boxing wouldn't have shit its pants and made a huge mess of itself. Can you name all the divisions or more than two of the sport's organizations?

Every aforementioned ill is rooted in money and I can accept that. But while I know the leagues want to remain profitable, does everything always have to be about maximum profitability? Can't the margins just be good enough? Or is the NFL in danger of being run out of business by that other American pro football league that seems to be enjoying so much success?