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The Ultimate Morganette Is ...

Picture of Morganette Kelly

One Great Season

The men's basketball champion won't be crowned for another hour or so, but the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge winner has been announced.

Representing Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Kelly has earned the title of the 2011 Ultimate Morganette.

OGS and our partner Morganette, Toledo Katie, extend a huge congratulations to Kelly, as well as her partner blogger, Josh Estrin, of and Celeb Buzzz.

OGS thanks once more the fine people at Captain Morgan and Taylor Strategy, as well as those who voted for the OGS-Katie team, and congratulates every Morganette and partner blogger who competed:

Jenny - Hugging Harold Reynolds
Alanna - Blogs With Balls
Niki - Ego TV
Katie D. - Gunaxin
Katie P. - One Great Season
Emily - Socially Superlative
Monica - Brahsome
Roxanne - Terez Owens
Danielle V. - BroBible
Rachel - Busted Coverage
Heather - Don Chavez
Danielle B. - Arrowhead Addict
Maya - Sports Crackle Pop
Katherine - Sports Hernia
Erin - The Rugged
Alexis - With Leather
Mary - Black Sports Online
Kelly - Examiner
Ashley - Guyism
Erica M. - Man Jr.
Tiffany - Next Round
Luiza - PlunderGuide
Brenda - The Bachelor Guy
Jeannine - Uncoached
Nicole - COED Magazine
Jacquelyn - Deuce of Davenport
Stephanie - Hoop Doctors
Natalia - Joe Sports Fan
Angie - Mankind Unplugged
Erica V. - Midwest Sports Fans
Hope - Strait Pinkie
Yeni - That Sports Babe


BracketMaster Weekend Reaches Epic Levels

Picture of Captain Morgan

One Great Season

What do you get when you mix some digitial influencers, 16 thoroughly sweet Morganettes and an endless supply of Captain Morgan, all in Las Vegas?

An epic weekend, of course.

That's precisely what went down in Sin City, and I'm proud to claim I survived it. Let's get to the thank-yous:

Christian Matthews is the fine young man at Taylor Strategy who got me involved in this project. I certainly owe him more than a beer if he ever makes it back to New York. His colleague at Taylor, Julie Miller, drew the unlucky assignment of serving as my main contact, gracefully fielding my whiny emails throughout the BracketMaster competition.

Also from Taylor, Jordana Bruner is a total gamer. Not only deserving of full props for all her great work, but also for not missing any game time despite battling a cold and losing her voice. Splendid effort.

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BracketMaster Update: Katie Advances To Elite Eight

Picture of Katie Pfirsch

One Great Season

In case you haven't heard, OGS and Toledo Katie took down Roxanne from Philadelphia last week in the Sweet Sixteen of the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge.

Thanks to you and all your online and text voting, that means one thing for us: Vegas, baby.

That's right: OGS is en route to Sin City this week to duke it out in the Elite Eight. Seven other hot-girl-blogger-nerd tandems will be there as well, and we all just learned there will be various challenges and competitions that are sure to cause some serious embarrassment.

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BracketMaster Update: Katie Advances To Sweet Sixteen

Picture of Katie Pfirsch

One Great Season

I'm pleased to announce that Toledo Katie edged out Pittsburgh Katie in the first round of the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge that ended recently.

Our lovely Katie has advanced to the Sweet Sixteen, facing a tough customer in Roxanne from Philadelphia.

If we win this next round, Katie and OGS will take our talents to the Elite Eight in Las Vegas later this month. Yes, an all-expenses paid trip to Sin City is precisely what a guy with an addictive personality needs during March Madness.

This round of voting ends on Wednesday, March 16, so vote early and often at If you do it online, you must fill out a full bracket for your vote(s) to count. But if you're a lazy-ass like I am, then simply text KATIEP to 44686. And do it a lot.

There are other ways you can help Toledo Katie:

+ Follow @MorganetteKatie on Twitter
+ Like her fan page on Facebook
+ Look at these hot pictures of her


BracketMaster Update: Please Help Katie

Picture of Katie Pfirsch

One Great Season

We're in the second week of the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge, and we're in need of some votes.

Our lovable Toledo Katie is losing to Pittsburgh Katie, but we've got two new developments to share that we think will help our cause.

In addition to going to to vote multiple times for Toledo Katie, you can also text KATIEP to 44686.

Also, Katie built a Facebook fan page that you can follow right here.

Any help you can share would be appreciated. And rewarded with this.


Presenting The Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge & OGS Morganette Katie

Picture Of Katie Pfirsch

One Great Season

The One Great Season team is excited to announce its participation in the second annual Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge, presented by

OGS has been paired with a lovely young Morganette named Katie, who hails from the great state of Ohio. For the next seven weeks, Katie will be competing in that always-difficult East region from her post in Toledo. No, I won't tell you exactly where she lives.

What will she be doing, you ask? She'll be receiving tutelage from only the finest minds of the OGS coaching staff, and if you know what's good for you, she'll also be receiving your votes from now through the end of the NCAA Final Four. Her competition will be stiff; the field is packed with 31 other quite capable Morganettes.

But she's only as good as her voters are loyal, so please visit to vote early and often. One trick to be mindful of is that our Katie (pictures of her are here) is going up against a Katie from Pittsburgh in the opening round. You obviously want to send Toledo Katie past the first round and into the Sweet 16. And a win there would send both Toledo Katie and OGS to Las Vegas for Elite Eight weekend.

So if you only remember three things today: Stay in school, drink responsibly, and vote for Toledo Katie. And of course watch this video of her after the jump.

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