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Vitale Signs: Overhyping Of Coaches Has Begun

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One Great Season

I'm usually the last idiot to jump on the trade-this-player, fire-that-coach or these-announcers-suck bandwagons. I'm a pretty patient fella and I'm not always looking to pull a quick and critical trigger like many on the blogosphere.

For example, I'm the only person I know who used to say stuff like, "Nah, Dick Vitale's alright. Sure he can overdo it, but he's great for the game. College basketball doesn't have enough people like him." I'm not necessarily a huge fan, but I've never had a problem with his shtick.

Until now.

Among the many criticisms of Vitale, one of the most repeated is his reluctance to ever utter a critical word about a college basketball coach. Actually, it's worse than that. His undying love for almost every coach in the business can be nauseating, especially when at least a couple of handfuls of them are liars and cheaters.

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