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Jason Whitlock Gets It Wrong On Brian Kelly

One Great Season

I almost always agree with Jason Whitlock, but Friday's piece screaming for the firing of Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly was a bare-knuckled miss.

And what a coincidence it was that my friend Lee sent me the Whitlock piece yesterday as I was reading the Oct. 21 Don Ohlmeyer Ombudsman piece on In it Ohlmeyer wrote about how the WWL is adjusting to the ever-evolving media landscape, quoting "SportsCenter" anchor John Anderson, who said the great writers of previous generations all seemed to abide by the same rule:

"When you poke the stick you stop short of drawing blood," Anderson said. "Today, a lot of times, drawing blood seems to be the goal."

I love that Whitlock tackles race and other hot-button topics and I agree with him far more often than not, but calling for Kelly's head right now because of Wednesday's tragedy is indeed little more than an attempt to draw blood.