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Cal's Tedford Seems Tired Of Tedious Oregon Inquiries

One Great Season

BERKELEY, Calif. -- I spent a few hours at Cal's Memorial Stadium today, and boy will that be a great place to watch a college football game.

Shoot, it would be a great place just to take a nap.

Anyway, inside the stadium is where Cal coach Jeff Tedford speaks at his weekly media luncheon on Tuesdays, and the reporters who gathered there still were asking questions about Saturday's embarrassing 42-3 loss at Oregon.

It's clear that Tedford wants to focus on what's ahead -- a team called USC -- and forget about last weekend's surprising blowout loss.

Below is the video of Tedford reacting to yet another Oregon question, and below that is just a rough, minute-long pan shot of the tree-covered hills behind the east side of the stadium, then shots of San Francisco off in the distance to the west.