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The Mt. Rushmore Of Current College Football Coaches

Picture of Joe Paterno

One Great Season

I looked at Awful Announcing the other day and its Mt. Rushmore banner art had me asking myself who would comprise a Mt. Rushmore of current college football coaches.

Obviously Joe Paterno is the first name to come to mind, though his remaining years at Penn State are certainly numbered. At least they should be. Homeboy needs to step aside.

Before this season's debacle at Texas, Mack Brown had guided the Longhorns to nine consecutive seasons of at least 10 wins. Twice Texas won 13 games, including in its national championship season of 2005. The Longhorns won 101 games in those nine seasons, and overall he's 133-34 in 13 seasons at Texas. Brown gets one of the best recruiting classes in the country every year. I think he's a no-brainer.

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Prickly Paterno Pulling No Punches This Week

Joe Paterno

One Great Season

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Joe Paterno has been around long enough to have earned a few liberties, and it appeared he exercised some of those liberties at his weekly press conference Tuesday.

He didn't necessarily dress down a couple of reporters, but neither did he try to dance around a pair of questions he didn't feel like answering.

In the video below, Paterno tells a reporter it's silly to ask him a question by starting, "It seems to me," and in the second video below that, he said he'd rather compare two sportswriters' styles than compare his coaching style against that of Jim Tressel, who brings his No. 15 Buckeyes to Happy Valley for a huge Big 10 game Saturday afternoon.