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Joe Schad: A Q&A With ESPN Reporter

ESPN College Football Reporter Joe Schad

One Great Season is marking its one-year anniversary this week with interviews of several sports media personalities. Today's subject is ESPN college football reporter Joe Schad, who does in-studio work as well as sideline reporting for the Worldwide Leader. Feel free to suggest future interview subjects by clicking here.

One Great Season

One Great Season: You've covered the NFL and both major college sports. It seems you've found a home with college football. What is it that you love so much about it?
Joe Schad: A lot of people would ask, "How did a guy from Queens, New York, end up covering college football for the biggest sports media entity in the world?"

It goes back to when the Orlando Sentinel sent me up to Gainesville. It was the first Division I game I ever attended. It was Florida vs. Florida State at The Swamp and it really opened my eyes. It was great to see 100,000 people descend upon one stadium, make a lot of noise and really cheer on a bunch of 18-to-21-year-old kids. There are many things about pro sports that are great, but they don't have the rivalries, traditions or the pageantry of college football.

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