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Deja Vu: Unblemished No. 1 OSU Visits Wisconsin

Picture Of William Buford

One Great Season

We all know what happened the last time Ohio State took an undefeated and top-ranked team to Wisconsin.

It was just four months ago that the Buckeyes staggered home from Madison, battered, bruised and, most notably, beaten. OSU's singular loss last fall cost it a chance to compete for college football's national championship.

Fortunately, this is college basketball, where perfection is nice and all, but falling short of it neither deems a season a failure nor eliminates a team from championship contention.

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Will Thin Bench Be OSU's Undoing ... Again?

Picture of Jared Sullinger

One Great Season

A common refrain among college basketball observers this year has been some variation of "it's not often you lose the national Player of the Year and actually get better the next season."

Experts have been saying that the last eight weeks about Ohio State, which lost Evan Turner to the NBA after his junior season ended in a slightly surprising Sweet 16 loss to Tennessee in last year's NCAA Tournament.

But incoming freshman Jared Sullinger has been the best first-year player in America, and in the opinions of some, the best player in the country period. Exhibit A? Check the tape of his 27-point, 16-rebound effort in a nationally televised win at Illinois Saturday.

Steady seniors like David Lighty and Jon Diebler have another year of experience under their belts, as do William Buford and Dallas Lauderdale. Freshmen Aaron Craft and Deshaun Thomas have been splendid additions as well.

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