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Kevin Garnett: Not The Only A-Hole In Sports This Week

One Great Season

The best trash-talk story I know about is one Reggie Miller shared with ESPN The Magazine some years ago. Dan Patrick asked Miller, a notorious jabbermouth, for the best gem directed at him, rather than by him.

Miller told a great story about Larry Bird, in his prime, at Boston Garden, on Christmas Day. As if the cards weren't totally stacked in No. 33's favor, add to the equation that Miller was a rookie on the Indiana Pacers' bench late in a blowout. Bird caught a pass in the corner in front of the Pacers' bench, launched a three without hesitation, then, with his crooked fingers still in the air, turned to Miller, looked him in the eye and politely wished, "Merry Christmas, bitch." The ball swished through the net a second or two later.

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