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Letter From The Editor: OGS Marks A Year In Brooklyn

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One Great Season

One year ago today I returned from a four-month trip that changed my life.

I've always been a fairly laid-back fella, but the One Great Season tour mellowed me out even more. I learned that worrying isn't necessary, and as long as you plan and prepare, you can enjoy life even as you're hemorrhaging cash by not working.

Actually, I take that back. That whole "not working" thing couldn't be farther from the truth. Am I earning a steady wage (unemployment benefits don't count)? No. But have I spent a large chunk of the approximately 8,700 hours since my return to Brooklyn writing on my laptop in my living room? Yes.

There was a time when I was a little hit-and-miss on the planning and preparing front. But once I launched my own enterprise 17 months ago, I learned that I can't just be on top of things. I have to be out in front of them. Way out in front of them. And you'll see fresh evidence of that in a day or two when I roll out the first-annual OGS Bowl Guide For Traveling Fans.

It's been a fun and productive year since I came in from the road. I'll surely remember those four months forever. But now it's time to prepare for better possibilities that come with a new year. I'm pretty excited about some projects OGS will be rolling out early in 2011. I hope you'll keep coming back to take a look at them.