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Opening Day: What's So Great About It?

What's So Great About Opening Day?

One Great Season

OGS Surveys two days in a row? Could life be any better?

Len Berman, Sports Broadcasting Legend — Winter's over. Everyone's in first place.

Mark Ennis, College Football Blogger — The best thing about Opening Day is that everyone still has a chance. That's something that doesn't last for long in baseball, so you have to enjoy it while you can.

John Fay, Cincinnati Reds Beat Writer — It's the start of summer, even though it happens in the spring, often in bad weather. In Cincinnati, it's almost like a holiday. Everyone is into it. Baseball season is so long that you know for the next month or two everyone has a chance. Opening Day is about possibilities.

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Jeff Garcia, San Antonio Spurs Blogger — What makes MLB Opening Day great is knowing summer is under way, fans gathering and filling in the stadium seats, and the expectations each fan carries, hoping their team is in contention for the pennant.

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