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Pete Carroll Hardly Speechless In Seattle

Pete Carroll

One Great Season

Pete Carroll's audition for a 5-Hour Energy commercial was mistaken by the Seattle media for an introductory press conference. (watch here)

Carroll spoke -- very rapidly -- Tuesday in his first official appearance as the Seahawks' new coach.

The high-energy, silver-haired charmer told reporters he couldn't turn down a chance to become an NFL head coach for the third time, despite an excellent run at USC in which he won two national titles, seven PAC 10 championships and 97 games in nine years.

"I hope we can do things better than they've ever been done around here," he said at the press conference that was carried live on ESPN Tuesday afternoon. "I love setting our standards so high that maybe it doesn't even seem feasible."

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Carroll's semi-prepared remarks seemed to cover most angles, but a reporter was able to ask about the laid-back and consequently undisciplined culture at USC and how the coach will adjust to a much more buttoned-up tone in the NFL. Carroll said he enjoyed the open-practice environment at which Will Ferrell and other celebri-fans visited, but he's ready for the seriousness of the pros.

"It was an atmosphere that is not quite common in the NFL, but I coach this game with tremendous energy with the intent to play with extraordinary discipline," he said. "This program (will be) about competition. You'll see in all aspects of what we do that we'll be in a relentless pursuit of perfection. We're going to compete like crazy."

ESPN's Tedy Bruschi credited Carroll's ability, but hit out at the coach's claim that NFL guys are "just a little older" than the USC players he recruited. Bruschi said age is just one of many differences between college and pro players.

"It's not the same thing," Bruschi said on SportsCenter Tuesday. "You get 10-year, 11-year, 12-year vets who aren't afraid to undermine authority and question a coach's decisions. You're not dealing with college attitudes anymore. How will he deal with those issues? That's going to be interesting to watch."


Carroll Leaves USC; Who's Saying What?

Pete Carroll

One Great Season

Because nobody has ever left one job for another before, the critics were all over Pete Carroll on Twitter tonight.

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The guy who merely restored the great tradition of Troy, put USC football back on the map and made the Trojans the team of the decade turned in his resignation Sunday night, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Carroll is expected to accept a $7 million-a-year salary to become both coach and president of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.


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Below is a sampling of who's saying what about Carroll, who compiled a 97-19 record and won two national championships in nine seasons at USC:

+ @FearlessP: "Pete Carroll to SEA makes a lot of sense: free-spending owner, lower expectations, and his players can drive Range Rovers scrutiny-free."

+ @BetweenTheLions: "Score one for newspapers with the LA Daily News getting the Pete Carroll resignation story first. How ESPN LA didn't get that is puzzling."

+ @ArashMarkazi: "So USC players and coaches are finding out about Carroll's departure via text. I'm sure we'll get a confirmation via Twitter."

+ @brian_mcintyre: "'I Saw A Lot of Positive Things Out There: The Pete Carroll Story,' starring Ashton Kutcher."

+ @MrRisto: "USC should go after Coach Chris Peterson if Pete Carroll leaves for NFL."

+ @TailgatingIdeas: "Now that Pete Carroll has officially resigned from USC, expect the school to get slapped w/NCAA violalations."

@bhindepmo: "Pete Carroll will be out of the NFL by 2013. Just predicting."

+ @PujolsMolinaFan: "Why is 'Pete Carroll turns in resignation' Breaking News on ESPNews? Don't you normally do that when you take another job?"

+ @graddieBP: "Pete Carroll out at SC, Pats eliminated. I guess it really is basketball season now."

+ @kirkdiedrich: "Pete Carroll leaving USC to coach in the NFL. Because that worked so well the first time."

+ @Blahthethird: "While I think Mora got a bad deal, I wouldn't want to coach in Holmgren's shadow, though I do believe that Pete Carroll will do a good job."

+ @TheVermonster: "I just hope Carroll's deal in Seattle stipulates a change in team colors and uniforms."

+ @gregoe86: "Actually kinda bummed about the Pete Carroll thing. Wanted to see (Brian) Kelly beat that SOB for ND before the poodle left with tail 'tween legs."

+ @meechigantabs: "This makes me smile! Hoping Rich Rod can score one of those decommits. Long shot and all, but any given Saturday!"

+ @corprebel: "I'm unhappy with PC leaving but hope Garrett gets his butt fired soon."


What Will Happen To Poor Matt Barkley?

Matt Barkley

One Great Season

Didn't it seem like Matt Barkley was on top of the world last summer? If it did, that's because he was.

The Golden Boy was a folk hero before taking his first collegiate snap. Highly heralded coming out of high school, he was named the USC starting quarterback early in fall camp. And in just his second start, the handsome freshman played through pain and engineered a late touchdown drive that gave his Trojans a huge road win at Ohio State.

And although the Trojans suffered through a very un-USC-like season, Barkley did lead his squad to other meaningful road triumps at Notre Dame and California, as well as a bowl win and a 9-4 record. The future looked bright for Barkley and his coach, Pete Carroll.

But then the dominoes started falling and Barkley is suddenly in a tough spot.

Joe McKnight

His top running backs at the beginning of the season, Joe McKnight and Stafon Johnson, won't be returning next season. McKnight announced Friday that he'll skip his senior season and Johnson has no eligibility left.

McKnight is the latest USC athlete to find himself embroiled in controversy. After saying around Thanksgiving that he expected to return for his senior season, news hit that McKnight was spotted rolling a Land Rover registered to his girlfriend's boss, a possible NCAA violation.

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Of course McKnight insists the ongoing investigation had nothing to do with his decision, but considering the Reggie Bush probe is still open five years later and a dark cloud hangs over the men's basketball program, one can't help but think McKnight is just getting out before the NCAA lowers the boom.

Pete Carroll

Which is what Carroll is trying to do, it appears. As of mid-morning Saturday, the coach who can't seem to stay away from the NFL appeared poised to accept a $7-million-a-year offer to become both coach and president of the Seattle Seahawks. If Carroll does bolt, it's expected that he'd take Barkley's quarterbacks coach, Jeremy Bates, with him to Seattle.

Star wideout and punt returner Damian Williams also announced Friday that he'll skip his senior year, but that's less of a surprise than McKnight's decision. Williams, a transfer from Arkansas who already has earned his degree from USC, was named the team MVP in just his second season as a Trojan.

There was also some talk last month that disgruntled back C.J. Gable, a frequent visitor to Carroll's doghouse, was considering turning pro, but if Carroll leaves, perhaps Gable will return. He and Allen Bradford, and lesser-known Marc Tyler, would be the front-runners to man the often-crowded USC backfield in 2010.

Even Barkley's backup, Aaron Corp, is leaving. But hold your laughter; he's not going to the NFL early. Corp is headed to the University of Richmond, where he won't be required to sit for a year -- he already did that this season -- because the Spiders compete at the Division I-AA level.

If you're tired of hearing about USC quarterbacks, then don't watch today's NFL playoff game between the Bengals and Jets (NBC, 4:30 pm ET). Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer won the 2002 Heisman Trophy as a Trojan and Jets' rookie QB Mark Sanchez led USC to a 12-1 record and a Rose Bowl win last season.

If Carroll leaves, it's logical to think USC will bring in an offensive-minded coach to mentor the franchise Barkley. Carroll is a masterful recruiter, so losing him will certainly loosen the stranglehold he's had on area blue-chippers, a development that wouldn't bother UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel one bit.

But on name alone, USC is still the top brand in talent-rich Los Angeles, and it seems reasonable to assume the Trojans will remain solid in the near-term, but they certainly won't enjoy the new decade the way they owned the 2000s. I expect Barkley to continue his maturation and development regardless of who his coach is.

This will become more of a life lesson than a football lesson for the young star, and Barkley will keep doing what he does best, throwing the football and positioning himself to be an NFL quarterback.