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Who's Saying What About Super Bowl XLVI?

Drew Brees

One Great Season

Rather than writing about something everyone else is writing about, I like to instead cover the coverage of an event from time to time.

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So after scanning through Twitter the last couple hours, here's what folks are saying about Super Bowl XLVI, as well as the commercials and the halftime performance by The Who:

The Game

@jnsanchez -- "Did Reggie Bush even play last night? I can't believe that there's still so much hype around a below average RB."

@BlogAndTackle -- "Payton says he had Lombardi Trophy in his bed last night. Jokes that he may have drooled on it."

@colinlefevre -- "Man was #SB44 an amazing game last night... but just like every year, today is a sad day. No more football until Canada Day :("

@BrentWoodcox: "Hard to see Manning as best QB of all time when he is only 9-9 in postseason. Still has years left to cement a legacy though."

@funnyordie: "If you thought Katrina was bad, wait until you see what Super Bowl victory celebrations do to New Orleans."

@PressClubNOLA: "Great job by NOLA journos this weekend! SB44 and election coverage! Give yourselves a pat on the back, and get back to work!"

@BlackCanseco: "Tim Tebow got more misplaced hate Sunday than Matt Stover."

@EricStangel: "Overheard at Favre home 'I want to call a press conference.' 'No Brett. let the SB teams have the attention please.'"

@CubsFan_BudMan: "So all the obnoxious Colts fans @ work called in sick today. Hope they're huggin the porcelin god for all the crap they were talkin last week."

@jalenrose -- "I'm upset my boy Colts QB Peyton Manning didn't shake hands w/Saints players after the game!"

The Ads

@marcEbennett -- "SB44 Advertising - Nothing truly memorable. Lot of ideas that were played...and re-played. Google was engaging, and Miller HL, creative."

@mbimotmog -- "All politics aside, that Tim Tebow ad for Focus on the Family felt like the creepiest ad ever."

@koamedia -- "Ads for #sb44. Mediocre to me, tho a couple LOL moments (Abe, Leno, space chicken). Google was poignant, I felt a tug."

@ADBOWL10 -- "Curiously, men ranked Snickers #1 (which women ranked #2). women ranked Google #1 (which men ranked #5)."

@kristofcreative -- "Somebody pls put the GoDaddy commercials out of their misery."

@BlitzConnects -- "45 minutes of ads during this year's Superbowl... Bet you can't remember more than 10 of them."

@hofflimits -- "I hope everyone enjoyed last night's Superbowl Adverts, and didn't find the football too intrusive."

@justinmccammon -- "Disappointed by sbads Google was the best but only because everyone else seemed to let the recession scare the creativity out of them."

@kcheyfitz -- "In the end, we'll all remember the game long after we've completely forgotten the ads. A great night for football; not so for marketing."

@chrisbrogan -- "Flo-TV needs to team up with iPad."

The Who

@nlord53 -- "I don't care what anyone says, I thought The Who at SB44 were flippin awesome... and that stage was ridiculous! So cool!"

@ianruns26point2 -- "The Who really rocked the balls off the #Superbowl half time show."

@davidfmatheson -- "Kept thinking while watching #thewho that I would have preferred #arcadefire. This was reinforced by the NFL's own 'Best Fans' commercials."

@whirledworld -- "Still shaking my head about the 1/2time show, trying to decide between 'Can't Explain' or 'Rock is Dead' as the more apropos lyric."

@drraley -- "I used to listen to #thewho, but not sure that was the same band last night. Was that R Daltery or his mom? 

@garrydunne -- "This years Super Bowl half time show didn't do it for me. I don't think #TheWho have massive cross audience appeal, but nice stage light!"

@rawrieborealis -- "Little did we know, but superbowl event planners have tried to book #thewho every year from 1977 on & only in 2010 did their wish come true." 

@bobschnyder -- "Why did the halftime band sing nothing but CSI intro themes?"

@panthea -- "Rapidly moving lights will distract people from bad music at a rave, not the Super Bowl."

@nickolaswriter -- "Love how Daltry's final 'Won't Get Fooled Again' shout started near his balls, and just roared."


Nine Things I Hate About The Super Bowl

Chris Berman

One Great Season

I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to watching a Super Bowl. Though I didn't move to New York until 2006, there was some sincere excitement leading up to the Giants-Patriots classic two years ago.

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But overall, the hype is a bigger deal than the game itself, and our excessive culture seems to prefer it that way. Remember, we're the people whom folks from other parts of the world love to hate. You don't agree? Well, Exhibit A of our over-the-top gluttony will be on display after 6 o'clock ET tonight.

I hate many things about the Super Bowl, but these nine things in particular:

+ Two weeks of ridiculous hype -- Didn't the NFL try to go to the one-week format not too long ago? Why not stick with it? College basketball is the only sport that should be played in February.

+ Groupies in South Beach -- For many, the Super Bowl is a chance for tight-shirted women to try to sleep with meet celebrities on the party circuit. Truly disgusting.

+ Halftime music -- Regardless of how tired the acts are, since when did the pinnacle of American professional football go hand-in-hand with music? It's a sporting event, not a concert.

+ The "World Champions" tag that's handed to the winner -- Typical American arrogance. How does the National Football League crown a world champion?

+ Tickets -- The Super Bowl is almost like an NCAA Tournament first- and second-round site. Sure the seats are filled, but with how many true fans of the teams actually playing in the game?

+ Media Day -- The larger the stage, the more exposure journalists get for their annoying practices. How the fuck does a reporter who asked Tom Brady to marry him a few years back get credentialed?

+ Dwight Freeney -- A torn ligament does not heal in two weeks. But because it's the Super Bowl and those who play in it are macho, Freeney might play. Meathead.

+ Chris Berman -- I'm sure when ESPN's NFL broadcast team signs off tonight, this jackhole will use one of his many weak classic rock references. Nothing he's said in the last 10 years has been fresh. But that won't stop him from dropping a "What a long, strange trip it's been" note during the postgame when signaling the close of another great NFL season. (Bonus video: Berman's on-set meltdown)

+ Greatness -- I just heard a couple of analysts say Drew Brees has to win in order to be considered great. Oh, really? Well then, does that make obselete their analysis of him throughout the regular season and pretty much the last three or four years?

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