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Twitter Recap: Who's Saying What About LeBron?

LeBron James

NBA Star Getting Blasted
All Over The Internet

One Great Season

LeBron James is getting killed in the bloggersphere Wednesday. Here's what some are saying on Twitter about the basketball star, who plans to announce his NBA future in a one-hour special on ESPN Thursday night at 9 p.m:

@ramzyn: "My sources say destroying a fanatical sports town can be done safely IF the detonator does it in plain sight while donating to charity."

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@realfreemancbs: "'Dear Cleveland: You guys okay out there? Anything I can do to help?' Signed, Art Modell."

@Justin_Stangel: "LeBron Special Prediction: 5 Seconds after LeBron James announces he's not signing w/ Knicks, Cablevision drops ESPN."

@AndyResnik: "I bet ESPN is currently updating its Cleveland sports heartbreak montage."

@TheSportsHernia: "FIFA to LeBron: Please fuck yourself"

@HowardKurtz: "LeBron overload: Not since Babe Ruth left Boston has there been this kinda hype over an athlete. And one with no championship ring."

@THE_DANNY_FAIRY: "Are any downtown CLE hotels offering a Looter Discount for tomorrow night?"

@SethDavisHoops: "Gosh @KingJames you really think a TV special is enough? Maybe 3D closed circuit show? Write it in fireworks? Pathetic need for attention."

@wsjcouch: "Can someone send Mick Jagger to LeBron's announcement?"

@NunesMagician: "If LeBron does go to the Knicks, no way Andy Rautins will stand anywhere near him during the chalk toss. Not after the hair gel sets. "

@MikeVacc: "If you're the Nets, wanting LeBron and settling for David Lee is like wanting Eddie Vedder and settling for David Lee Roth."

@countingcrows: "God, I am SOOOOO tired of all the media frenzy. We're proud to announce LeBron James has decided to play with Counting Crows."

@dpshow: "I would love to see Favre announce his retirement at 8:55pm on Thursday night."

@AndyHutchins: "Essential difference between Durant and LeBron: You root for KD because of KD, and LeBron in spite of LeBron."

@FisolaNYDN: "Too bad LeBron didn't put this much thought and energy into Game 5 against Boston."

@SI_ChrisBallard: "Funny that LeBron, who is so caught up with managing his public image, just got a lesson on how to do it from Durant, who is not."

@buzzbissinger: "Do we literally need a minute by minute update to The Decision as LeBron team calls it? Of course we don't. A sickening farce. PR orgie fest."

@fitch87: "@jemelehill I think lebron should take the top three teams and give them roses like the bachelor."

@aimclemson: "LeBron has the right to do what he wants to with his future, but this has become a circus, plain and simple. What's wrong w/simple presser?"

@PDcavsinsider: "Suddenly it is clear to me. LeBron has changed. A new website. Starting Twitter. This announcement. This isn't the guy I know."

@sharapovasthigh: "And if even if he wins 6 now, everybody will say it's because of him, Wade, & Bosh together, not him leading a team to the titles."


Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest: Chestnut Wins Again

Joey Chestnut

Cops Slap Cuffs On
Ex-Champ Kobayashi

One Great Season

If three-time defending champion Joey Chestnut coasted and Japanese legend Takeru Kobayashi didn't compete, then did the 2010 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest really happen?

Of course it happened, and OGS has the Twitter recap to prove it:

+ @KrisAllen: "If the hot dog eating contest's plan is to make me not want toneat a hotdog today...mission accomplished."

+ @Dan_Sheldon_: "54 dogs for Joey Chestnut, 4th strait at the anti-climactic HotDog Eating Contest. Glad I went to the qualifier instead."

+ @tpociask: "Joey Chestnut is the big winner for Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest with 54. The big loser is the toilet later!"

+ @JonnyFreds: "if hotdogs were really bad for you, would there be a hotdog eating contest?"

+ @ChrisGig: "Just watched the Hot Dog Eating Contest for about 30 seconds... Never eating a hotdog again."

+ @KatherineMohr: "'Hotdog eating contest' is higher on the TT list than 'God Bless America.' Spectacular priorities, USA. Really."

+ @IowaPackerBack: "I'm watching the nathans hotdog eating contest. I'm having my own contest...don't throw up while watching contest."

+ @jeremys80: "Is going to start training for next years hotdog eating contest."

+ @frnkstar: "Kobayashi tried to rush the stage and was grabbed by three cops and dragged backstage."

+ @tomstoneman: "Hotdog eating contest is why the east hates you america. They're starving alive & you're having a hotdog eating contest."


NBA Draft 2010: Who Said What On Twitter?

NBA Draft 2010

One Great Season

When Twitter users weren't firing off notes about their hate for Stuart Scott during the NBA Draft Thursday night, they were comparing Al-Farouq Aminu to Steve Urkel, John Salley, Dwight Howard and even Rog from "What's Happening."

And when they weren't doing that, they were sending out some pretty entertaining Tweets. Here's a sample below:

+ @GaryParrishCBS: "And somebody ask Stuart Scott to remind me when 'Ed Davis became a star at North Carolina.' I missed that."

+ @clubtrillion: "'We tried to design hat that would make G Hayward look ridiculous for biggest night of his life. We're happy with result.'" - Adidas Spokesman

+ @ramzyn: "Imagine Kiffin & Calipari at the same school. The resulting vortex of NCAA violations & vacated wins could make time travel possible."

+ @timkawakami: "I think the Warriors took the 14th or 15th best player in this draft ... at No. 6."

+ @russbengtson: "I'm really hoping someone drafts Stuart Scott just to get him off the podium." #wishfulthinking

+ @sa2ny2004: "al farouq aminu just got selected by the Clippers. While walking to shake Stern's hand he suffered and season ending knee injury."

+ @briankelly_: "Perfect fit for Hayward and Jazz. He already looks morman." #nbadraft

+ @AndyHutchins: "Hey, Gordon Hayward's sister: I will take you to see Footloose."

+ @dpshow: "Cole Aldridch just picked up his 4th foul since getting drafted."

+ @RickMuscles: "Right now, Steve Zahn's character from Treme is annoying someone in a bar about how Cole Aldridge will be a great Hornet."

+ @CursedCleveland: "Who called in sick at ESPN? Katz? Stein? Jalen Rose? Tom Penn should send a thank you note."

+ @freedarko: "Jay Bilas: attorney at law, sports broadcaster, masculinity expert."

+ @AdamZagoria: "That's the same Crawford who dunked on LeBron last summer ... Nets trading him because they don't want to T off The King."

+ @notmikedunleavy: "Memphis should take Sherron Collins, because he's the only player left that I've heard of."


USA Wins: Who Said What On Twitter?

World Cup 2010 Logo

One Great Season

Landon Donovan scored in the 91st minute Wednesday to give USA a 1-0 win over Algeria and advance to the Round of 16 in the World Cup.

Until Donovan's heroics, it looked like the unlucky U.S. side would play to its third straight draw and miss the knockout round once again. But the late goal didn't only give the USMNT reason to celebrate its spot in the next round, but it marked the first time since 1930 that it had won its group. England beat Slovenia, 1-0, to advance as the second-place team in Group C.

U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard saved a light header from Algeria, then quickly threw out to a streaking Donovan, who controlled the ball up the right flank, dished to Jozy Altidore, whose cross met the left foot of Clint Dempsey. Dempsey's one-timer was blocked by Algerian keeper M'bolhi Rais Ouheb, but Donovan's easy rebound found the back of the net without any trouble.

The goal set off jubilant celebrations across the globe, and of course gave Twitter users all kinds of headaches. But some were lucky enough to use the popular social-networking service, and here are some of the better updates sent in the moments after USA finished off the dramatic win:

+ @rk: "Fuck you FIFA refs. We can win without you."

+ @ashleyalderman: "My ENTIRE twitter feed just filled up with tweets that say 'gooooalllllll'. Love it."

+ @PeaceLikeDat: "Landon Donovan crashed the Tweetdeck servers!"

+ @Mengus22: "Landon Donovan went Christian Laettner on Algeria!"

+ @JoeSportsFan: "Sports Illustrated, you're on the clock to airbrush an appropriate hairline for Landon Donovan."

+ @loudibella: "That was one of the greatest moments I have seen in sports.I am teary eyed.GO USA!"

+ @slmandel: "Finally invested in a World Cup, and it paid off. Unreal. And sorry, neighbors below me."

+ @wsjcouch: "On Sportscenter, ESPN just led with Lawrence Taylor's indictment. Then did USA result. You stay classy, Bristol."

+ @wyshynski: "I'm building a Landon Donovan statue out of apple pie, BBQ and Jack Daniels in my front yard."

+ @DVNJr: "Buy stock in the MLS. Now."


+ Donovan told ESPN's Jeremy Schaap after the game, while fighting back tears, that there was no way he'd miss his golden chance: "The ball got to me and time kind of stopped ... You can't miss from there."

+ Donovan, who admittedly wasn't ready to be a leader for the 2006 Cup team, added that he's been on a four-year journey since that disappointing showing in Germany: "People that know me closest know how hard I've worked for this moment."

+ Donovan has picked up a few Twitter followers since his big goal. At 12:10 p.m. ET, he had 52,341. At 12:29, his audience was up to 52,577 and at 12:37, he had 52,705 followers.

+ U.S. coach Bob Bradley told Schaap he was proud of his players' patience: "You worry because when you've been in it a long time, sometimes on nights like that you come up short, but these guys kept going."


Cavs-Celtics: Who's Saying What?

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo Carries
Boston To Game 4 Win

One Great Season

Less than 48 hours after the Cavs torched the Celtics in Boston, the Cleveland team that so many people thought was a strong contender to win an NBA championship assembled a performance Sunday that was at times as flat as its embarrassing Game 2 loss.

And just when you thought Rajon Rondo couldn't hurt the Cavs any more than he had in the first three games, the Celtics' point guard played out of his mind in a 97-87 win that tied the Eastern Conference semifinals at 2-2. Game 5 is Tuesday in Cleveland.

Rondo had 29 points, 18 assists and 13 rebounds in 47 minutes Sunday. Here are some other notes:

+ Antawn Jamison is not getting it done. His numbers aren't bad, but he rarely plays with passion. J.J. Hickson is more aggressive and was enjoying a fine second season in Cleveland until the Cavs picked up Jamison at the trading deadline, forcing Hickson to the bench.

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+ The Celtics are playing with more heart. Sure the series is tied, 2-2, and it looks like each team will win its next home game to set up a Game 7 in Cleveland next weekend, but Boston is just two years removed from an NBA championship and still has most of that nucleus in tact. The Big 3 certainly are collectively older and slower, but a Game 7 -- even on the road -- scares me because that Boston team is a proud one.

+ I give Danny Ferry credit for trying to put the proper pieces around LeBron James the last couple of years, but this hardly looks like Michael Jordan's first championship team with the Bulls. Jamison is no Scottie Pippen, Mo Williams is inconsistent and Shaq will need to give more than 21 minutes and six rebounds if Cleveland wants to advance.

+ Cavs coach Mike Brown should have given some other guys -- Ilgauskas, Moon, Powe, Gibson -- more minutes in Friday's Game 3 blowout.

+ The problem still in LeBron's game is his sometimes erratic play. Jordan seemed to cherish the basketball more. Even Kobe doesn't throw the ball away as much or take as many bad shots. But James does follow up sub-standard games with excellent ones, so expect some electricity in Cleveland on Tuesday. LBJ followed his three previous lowest-scoring outputs this postseason (24, 19, 24) with 40, 35 and 38, respectively. He scored only 22 today.

And here's what some people were saying on Twitter after the Boston victory:

@sportsguy33: "Triple-double for Rondo in 3 quarters. After this 2010 playoffs performance his nickname should be 'The Big One.'"

@SI_PeterKing: "Just home from seeing Rondo the Magnificent beat the Cavs. Careful now. I might have to reconsider my diffidence for the NBA."

@PDcavsinsider: "Terry Pluto and I keep asking Mike Brown how the Cavs could play with such lack of fire and he basically keeps saying 'I don't know.'"

@GESmithJr: "I hope Mo Williams' mother has a bad mother's day."

@MikeAmmo: "It's not an overreaction by Cavs fans when you visibly SEE the lack of effort/focus."

@JamilSmith: "You know how much I love the Cavaliers. But they played today like they had rollover points from Friday's deluge. Frustrating."

@MrTrpleDouble10: "Once paul pierce returns from carbonite hibernation things could get interesting."

@celtsfan33: "All I can say is HOLY COW. What a GREAT GAME by the CELTICS. All Rajon Rondo - all Passion!!"

@Adel_C: "Um...If Rondo had the confidence to launch threes, I don't even want to know how much of a nightmare it'd be for the opposition."

@jalenrose: "(Esp in the playoffs)Celts Rondo has become the most all around productive PG in the NBA! (pts/rebs/assts/defense/wins/title etc)"


Lawrence Taylor: Who's Saying What?

Lawrence Taylor

Twitterverse Tackles LT Story Like Pack Of Crazed Dogs

One Great Season

There's been no confirmation that the Cincinnati Bengals have reached out to Lawrence Taylor's agent, but it does seem possible that the NFL's most ferocious pass rusher will be wearing stripes at some point in the near future.

Taylor, 51, was charged with raping a 16-year-old girl at a New York hotel early Thursday morning, according to numerous published reports. The teen is a runaway who worked for a pimp, investigators told

Taylor starred for the New York Giants from 1981-1993, leading a defensive unit nicknamed "The Big Blue Wrecking Crew" that helped the G-Men win two Super Bowl championships.

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Taylor battled drug and alcohol addiction during his stellar NFL career and has had even more problems in the nearly two decades since he stopped terrorizing opposing offenses.

LT once told "60 Minutes" that he used to send prostitutes to the hotel rooms of opposing players on nights before games. It's doubtful those players were staying at Holiday Inn hotels, which is where LT allegedly raped the young girl.

NFL Films used to mike-up LT during games, sharing the linebacker's colorful in-game commentary for a curious television audience. One great LT quote came when he urged his defensive mates to play "like a pack of crazed dogs."

The Twitterverse was abuzz with LT talk once the story reached the masses shortly before 11 a.m. ET. Here's a sampling below:

+ @SpartyFriends: "Need to cancel that LT throwback jersey order."

+ @manderson180: "Girl prolly told LT she was 18 so she could sue him and get rich."

+ @WhitlockJason: "LT accusation isn't remotely about blows to the head. It's blow to the nose. And I'm not convicting him. But we r talking 15 yr old accuser."

+ @MatthewJHall: "If convicted, LT should be kicked out of the Hall of Fame (and imprisoned). No room for human trafficking in Canton."

+ @AJDaulerio: "Today we launch our 'Perfect Gentlemen' series about women who've had nice dates with pro athletes. First up was LT. Oh timing."

+ @DLSmooth82: "I think LaDainian Tomlison deserves the LT name now. Lawrence Taylor can now be known as R.Kelly."

+ @2slices: "No sure what's worse. Lawrence Taylor accused of raping someone or Lawrence Taylor only able to afford a room at the Holiday Inn."

+ @metsfanmurph: "Hey LT, it is not a good idea to look for dates at a Justin Bieber concert."

+ @PigsknLvngLady: "In other related news...Big Ben is pelvic thrusting in honor of LT."

+ @InTheBleachers: "And after this Lawrence Taylor news another father buys his kid a Tebow jersey."


Jimmy Clausen: Who Said What On Twitter?

Jimmy Clausen

One Great Season

Everyone loves to hate Notre Dame. An Irish quarterback who falls to No. 48 in the NFL draft gives many reason to feel better about themselves, they think.

The anti-Jimmy Clausen sentiment rivals the hate for Tim Tebow and anyone who's ever played basketball at Duke. But not everyone on Twitter was celebrating Clausen's surprising slide. Here's a sampling:

+ @darrenrovell1: "Clausen's guarantee will be about $2.6M. If he went 8th (as Kiper had) would have made about $22.6M."

+ @TheBigLead: "I know people lamented Clausen falling, but this is a great spot. Good RBs, good WRs ... if he starts, he'll win more than Bradford."


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+ @bomani_jones: "bad news, jimmy clausen--after steve smith, i'm not sure any of the panthers receivers are better than floyd or tate."

+ @gamecocksblog: "ESPN just COMPLETELY glossed over Taylor Mays pick to gush over Clausen and send it to commercial?? Weak."

+ @BamaBeat: "Never understood the Jimmy Clausen hype. Didn't understand it in Knoxville when fans were going nuts for him. Don't understand it now."

+ @jemelehill: "As for Jimmy Clausen. Sure he's privately upset, but he's in a better situation than Tebow. Sometimes a step back is 3 steps 4ward."

+ @JoeGoodyMiaHrld: "Charlie Weis' last order of business at Notre Dame: Giving juniors Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate some bad advice. Nice one, Charlie!"

+ @cpanthers: "On being passed over for 47 picks: 'It'll be in the back of my mind every time I step on the field, work out or step into the building.'"

+ @InTheBleachers: "On the bright side, Clausen will have a better career than Bradford as I've said all along. Book that folks."

+ @si_peterking: "That's the perfect team for Clausen, with a good offensive line, no pressure on him at first, and no strong incumbent."

+ @gamecocksblog: "So I'm guessing Erin Andrews didn't make it back out to the Clausen compound, considering we didn't see anything from there? Busy dancing?"


Cavs-Bulls: Who Said What On Twitter?

LeBron James

LeBron James Leads Cavs' Fourth-Quarter Rally

One Great Season

I've watched the first two games of the Cavs-Bulls series and I have to say I'm not so enthusiastic about my hometown squad.

The Cavaliers certainly are deserving of the hype heaped unto them by many experts who claim they are the favorite to win the NBA Championship. Where I'm not enthusiastic is in the area of general interest. My college football project was exciting, watching last month's NCAA Tournament was exciting, but now knowing that we've got possibly two months of these playoffs, it's hard for me to get jazzed.


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+ WHO'S BETTER? Kobe Or LeBron?

So I'll let you read some of what other people were saying on Twitter Monday night as the Cavs pushed their best-of-seven series lead to 2-0:

+ @Jpdabrams: "That's probably as well as Bulls can play as a team. They played their tails off. In the end, it wasn't fair."

+ @jemelehill: "Watching the CHI-CLE game w/ my mother. Now I know how dudes feel when they watch a game w/ a woman who doesn't follow sports."

+ @chadzumock: "Noah looks like he should be running the register during lunch rush at Arbys."

+ @straightbangin: "if lebron hits three straight my-back-was-to-the-basket-when-i-started-to-fade-away jumpers, the game should just be called."

+ @WFNYScott: "Win or lose, big props to Jamario Moon for taking advantage of any opportunities he's given."

+ @thefarmerjones: "A lot of people think they have valid reasons to hate LeBron, but please stop pretending his game is one of them."

+ @WhitlockJason: "Watching Noah stitch a Shaq-Cavalier clown suit makes me wonder y anyone believes Cavs r better prepared for DHoward this year."

+ @Sha_Ron: "Bron: You want to wink at ppl after a good play but you don't want to shake hands after you're beaten? I see you, son."

+ @mzemek: "Well, Chicago just might win one game in this series. One more than I expected."

+ @theupsetblog: "Lebron's celebrations are annoying. That is all."

+ @RealSkipBayless: "Big picture, going forward, I didn't love what I saw tonight from LeBron. Especially wouldn't if I were Cavs fan. Tell you why tomorrow."  


Twitter Recap: Who Said What About Kansas State-Xavier?

NCAA Tournament

One Great Season

Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente. Jordan Crawford and Terrell Holloway. That epic Xavier-Kansas State tilt you watched Thursday night was full of big plays by great players. And here are some gems from the Twitterverse about one of the best NCAA Tournament games ever played:

+ @sportsguy33: "Thank you Xavier and K-State. What a ride. Gotta love any game that made Gus Johnson a Twitter trending topic."

+ @livehead16: "man, that xavier-kstate game was incredible. not only suspenseful, but those kids just made big shot after big shot. fantastic stuff."

+ @TheSayWhatKid: "K state over Xavier in 2ot is one of my top 5 b-ball games ever, more rediculous clutch threes than I could ask for, it was almost annoying."

+ @richeisen: "Simply: this Xavier/K-State game is why we watch."

+ @cgrock24: "What makes Xavier v. K-State special is the execution & shot making in critical situations by both teams.[Gus Johnson helps 2!"

+ @ciellemsmith: "I may be #kstate born and bred,but #xavier played with such heart that every young athelete should take note.that's how proud teams play."

+ @MattZemek_CFN: "Congratulations to two teams for one of the great NCAA Tournament games we've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Chin up, X. Kudos, KSU!"

+ @MattZemek_CFN: "Pullen. Clemente. Holloway. Enough onions for a decade's worth of fajitas. Wow."

+ @AndyHutchins: "Worst part of this game: Xavier's five warriors looking shattered after that three hit iron."

+ @EdgeofSports: "Xavier/K-State: Best. Game. Ever. Gus Johnson has mic-skills like Rakim."

+ @AndyHutchins: "I am legitimately concerned for Gus Johnson's health if this game ends on a buzzer-beater."

+ @CKlosterman: "Switching over from the NCAA tourney to the NBA on TNT is like rushing out of a burning building in order to watch 'Backdraft.'"

+ @thefarmerjones: "Glad KSU's gonna win this, if only to keep Frank Martin from going back to his old job as mob contract killer."

+ @TherealBHurl: "This may be one of the most clutchly played games I've ever seen. If that's a word."

+ @GregAnthony50: "Sharpie time KState!!! Give it up for Xavier as well, just a great performance. Best game of the tourney by far!"

+ @GaryParrishCBS: "We have officially reached yell-at-your-tv time. What a game."

+ @WojYahooNBA: "Outside of duke-kentucky, it's up there with any ncaa tournament game in last 20 years."

+ @JustinDYoung: "This game is sooooo worth the fight my wife and I will be having about 'why i never spend time with her" in an hour.'"


Jets Trade For Antonio Cromartie: Who Said What?

Antonio Cromartie

One Great Season

The Jets certainly were the NFL's January darlings under first-year coach Rex Ryan, and just hours into free agency season, they made a move that many think could have Gang Green playing into February next year.

The Jets traded for San Diego star cornerback Antonio Cromartie just a few minutes after midnight Friday, adding a shut-down cornerback to an already dominant defensive secondary led by Darrelle Revis, considered the best corner in the league right now.

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When something appears to be so obvious -- like the theory that the Jets' defense will carry them to the Super Bowl next season, for example -- something often goes wrong and the sky-high expectations set by fans precede only heartbreak.

But for an hour at least, there was plenty of speculation on Twitter about how good the Jets will be in 2010. Here's a sampling:

* @MondayMorningQB: With the addition of Antonio Cromartie and the already dominating Darrelle Revis, Rex Ryan can now call blitzes with his eyes closed.

* @1000Steps: Charger nation says have him NY, he'll implode there.

* @MoveTheSticks: Cromartie fits NYJ scheme. They send heavy pressure and allow CB's 2 jump routes. Good move.

* @TheJetsStream: Cromartie reportedly has seven kids living in 5 states. Could get expensive if all of his families want PSLs in new stadium.

* @SexyRexyRyan: We got Cromartie! This is our year! Don't worry about the year after that, we play for today!

* @BrettHickman: Cromartie on one side and Revis on the other side? This move was made for playoff matchups against Peyton Manning and the Colts.

* @tunasweasel: Can Jets now put Cromartie on Moss and let Revis cover Welker? >> makes perfect sense.

* @AbuKedem: Best secondary in a long while, or did SD offload a problem on us?

* @Jerm_Weiner: A 3rd round draft pick for Cromartie? Is that what this Pro Bowl CB is worth? I know he had an off year this year, but cmon.

* @nchowdhury07: Antonio cromartie + darrelle revis in the jets secondary = game over.

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