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Wondering what the pros think of One Great Season? Here's a sampling below:

OGS On Sports Nation

"They give us a great rundown of the seven key ingredients every national champion needs to have ... A must read."
-- Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd on the popular ESPN show, "Sports Nation," on March 18, 2010

"During college basketball season, my travel schedule is relentless, so it's important for me to stay up to speed any way I can. John knocked his college football project out of the park, and now that he's covering college basketball, One Great Season is essential reading for me whether I'm at an airport, hotel, in our Bristol studios or on a college campus."
-- Steve Lavin, ESPN/ABC College Basketball Analyst

" provided an informative and creative perspective on college football in a manner that sports media has been void of – a fan journalist bringing a first-hand account of the sport's personalities, cultures, teams and loyalists to fans across the country in a voice to which they can relate. John's blend of wit and professionalism sets him apart from many on the web, and the site's growth beyond its original focus is a welcome and refreshing addition to the sports media landscape."
-- Don Povia, HuggingHaroldReynolds and BlogsWithBalls

John Boel

"I enjoyed keeping up with every aspect of the college football season on, all the way down to close-up photos of enthusiastic cheerleaders' faces in snowstorms. And I always enjoy John's takes on sports because he has the ability to cut through the PR garbage and pull what's important out from under the shoulder-padded spin zones."
-- John Boel, anchorman, WLKY-TV, Louisville, and 63-time regional Emmy winner

"If I had to choose a 2009 Rookie of the Year in the sports blogging realm, it'd definitely be One Great Season. At a time when there's way too much regurgitation of the same jokes and photos from the same stories, OGS was a breath of fresh air (and content) in the mix."
-- Kyle Bunch, Co-Founder, Blogs with Balls; Co-Founder/Publisher,

"It didn't have the corporate backing of many Web sites that cover the enormous sport of college football. But One Great Season did something that the 'big boys' don't do -- cover the sport with the same passion as those fans who live and breathe everything they have for their beloved teams. Mission accomplished."
-- Lee Gerowitz, New York-based television producer